Harold's Sportsleeve Gym Bag

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1 small zip pocket on the outside
1 main compartment in A4 + format
Lamb leather / vegetable saddlery leather (belts)

made in Germany

The medium sports sleeve, made of vegetable-tanned lamb leather, is a versatile, casual everyday companion. The leather and the straps made of saddlery leather distinguish the sports sleeve from ordinary gymbags. The leather pieces on the straps cushion the leather straps on the body and make it comfortable to wear. A small zipped compartment is sewn on the back for all the small accessories you need, such as your wallet, mobile phone or keys - quickly accessible and safe on the body.

34 × 4 × 38 cm

Stable, fair working conditions are achieved through well-founded training and induction, contractually regulated working hours, safe and hygienic conditions and above all through an evenly distributed order situation.

For Harold's, a bag is sustainable if it is durable and gives its wearer many years of pleasure. To achieve this, intensive work is being done on the longevity of the materials, the quality of the craftsmanship and the timelessness of the designs.
The longer and more intensively the products are used, the better their ecological balance - a result that our customers appreciate.

We only order and sell Harold's products that are made from vegetable-tanned leather.

In the post-war period, Harold’s mainly produced bags for other brands. This contract production formed the basis for building up Harold’s own bag brand in the sixties and seventies. In the seventies, however, industrial customers increasingly began to move abroad. The process dragged on into the 1990s. From around 1995 onwards, only final productions and repairs were carried out in Obertshausen. The remaining manual service, however, secured the know-how and the whereabouts of the most important sewing machines and production tools.
Since 2010, the production of bags has been resumed in our own factory in Obertshausen. The models result from an intersection of simple design, material availability, local cost structures, regionality and individual treatment during production.

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