The history of Novesta dates back to the 1930s when the famous shoemaker Jan Antonín Baťa opened his new factory in a small town in the middle of Slovakia - in Partizánske.

In the course of time Novesta became the new European brand, which is produced exclusively in Europe. The unique sneakers and their imaginative and timeless design became popular all over the world.

Ecological footwear - high quality design means for NOVESTA not only the fashion aspect. Their vocation is to manufacture shoes in compliance with the highest ecological standards. This is the reason why materials such as natural rubber, 100% cotton and linen are used. These materials enable the production of high-quality, flawless and ecological shoes.

Only certified materials are used at Novesta. During the production process, the rubber sole is pressed to the shoe with the help of a high-pressure device. The shoes are then precisely finished by hand. This highly ecological process leaves a mark, a rubber strip around the shoe - Novestaʼs Protective feature!


When cleaning leather and rubber shoes, the simplest cleaning technique is to use a damp sponge. First of all, the shoes should be freed from coarse impurities. Always use a damp cloth to wipe the shoe surface and a brush to clean the dirty sole. Never soak leather soles, simply wipe them with a damp cloth and use a special cleaning agent. Then impregnate the shoes with products that protect them from moisture and dirt. Impregnate every shoe surface except for lacquered leather. The correct treatment of the shoes should be chosen depending on the upper material. NEVER wash leather and rubber shoes in the washing machine.


The gentlest way is manual cleaning, where the sneakers are placed in soapy water to remove the most dirt. Carefully clean the dirtiest spots with a brush, then rinse them under the water and squeeze out the excess water. We always recommend to remove the laces like the insoles and to clean each sneaker separately. Washing in the washing machine is NOT RECOMMENDED for most types of shoes. If you do decide to use this option, please follow the washing program you have chosen (NEVER wash at temperatures above 30 degrees). Always choose an easy-care wash cycle with the lowest speed of drain and spin. We also recommend to put the sneakers in a wash bag to protect them from damage. Clean white soles preferably with a special product and an old toothbrush. Thanks to these treatments your sneakers will look like new for a long time.


The drying process is very important in the treatment of shoes. Never expose shoes to direct sunlight and never place them directly under the heater or any other radiator. This can cause them to deform or fade or change color due to strong sunlight. It is recommended to put a magazine in the sneaker/shoes (fill the sneakers with rolled up magazine) which absorbs the moisture. Do not forget to store the sneakers in a dry and warm place (at room temperature). Drying takes longer, but you can be sure that the shape and color of your favorite shoes will be preserved.